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WRITE Your Best in 2020: 5 Ways To Survive The Year and Keep Writing!

Personally, I accomplished a lot in 2019, but am glad for it to be over. I fought illness the last half of the year that left me throwing myself a pity party for 1. Also, I didn't finish my WIP, which was my one goal this year. It happens. Don't beat yourself up, like I have been doing. Here are some ways I am making sure I stay productive in 2020.

Set monthly goals, instead of yearly. For me, this seems the most realistic and ensures I don't have a complete meltdown at the end of 2020. My poor husband doesn't deserve that kind of madness :-) In all seriousness, I think this is more realistic for some of us writers that have demanding full time jobs, children and families. I am a planner, so each month I have set goals ,and put them in my calendar. I printed a calendar from the website below, and WROTE out my goals for the month. Sometimes writing and seeing your goals on paper sticks with me better. I used to use that tactic in college, when taking notes. While everyone else was using their laptop, I would have my large notebook out. I find it more in my face, and "real", if I write it down with a old school pen and paper!

Write. Even when there is no inspiration. I am bad for this! If one thing I do this year is write more words than in 2019, I am considering it a success! I find I wait for inspiration to kick in before I pull out my laptop. I am bound and determined to not do that in 2020. Even if it is just posting more fun content on here, or writing an excerpt, I wrote something! Anything will do! I think it keeps our brains active throughout the year, which can spark that inspiration you're looking for. 

Read everything. Okay, not everything. But because I write romance, I receive a lot of book review requests for romance novels. This year, I have a wide list of different genre books to read for my reviews, and I am pumped! Thinking outside of the box, and sometimes reading in a different genre than you write. can be beneficial. When we read the same genre as we write, our voices may mesh with other authors of that same genre. Reading outside your "norm" can help strengthen your voice, and maybe even introduce you to a new writing genre. 

Try a new point of view. This one goes with the one above a bit. When I wrote my first novella, I wrote it in first person-past tense. As I expanded my mind and reading list, I found that I prefer to write in third person. Not saying I will never write another story in first, but I feel more comfortable writing in third, and I think it reads better. In my WIP, I expanded on that further, and am writing from 2-character views in third person. I have never written from a male point of view, and it has been challenging, but rewarding. I have learned so much just experimenting with it all. If you are scared to make the switch and unsure how it sounds, have one of your trusty beta readers read the first few paragraphs. Hopefully, they will be honest and give you constructive feedback. If not, find a new one :-) 

Publish. I don't love this word because I STILL identify it with the dreaded "big publishing houses" ,and querying for an agent. The good news, as most of us know, that is not the only way to publish anymore. Self-publishing is great. But if you are not ready to take on that task, publish a different way. Start a blog/website or post on wattpad or other writing websites. You are still publishing your work. Let me say that again.... YOU ARE STILL PUBLISHING YOUR WORK! 

I hope everyone has a prosperous 2020! I am so thankful for the success I have had this year, and all the connections I have made. You all are truly amazing. And as always, if I can be any assistance on your writing journey, please email me. Happy Writing!!!!

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