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What Song Will Inspire Your Year?!

What song have you heard that just gets you hyped? Or maybe it describes the year you want to have?

The last 3 years have been "different". and that's the rated g version of how I've described it. one thing I've continued to do each year, is give myself a theme song. it's kinda that quirky thing i do and don't share with too many people. but today is your lucky day!

The reason behind it is, i think we all need inspiration. it doesn't matter where you get it from, just be inspired! when i get writers block, i can turn on music and it gets my creative mind working again. stay tuned for another blog post about that process.

all you have to do is find a song that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs, even if you don't know all the lyrics. it can be a song that calms you or can be one that makes you feel like you want to run a marathon. the only criteria is it has to make you feel something. you will know when you pick the right one.

I typically choose a song that i can sing at the top of my lungs and it soothes me. its therapeutic. and if more than one song does this for you, great! the more the merrier.

i want to stress that this is a easy choice. you will know when the right song hits you and you want to make it this years theme song. this should not stress you out!

check out my theme songs from the last 3 years and a little info on why i chose them below. happy writing all!

2021- fight song by rachel platten- Upbeat song with beautiful lyrics. it's about a girl chasing her dreams. i'm all about a song where a woman is proving people she's a badass!

2022- Fingers Crossed by lauren spencer- smith- this song is more about a relationship. however, it talks about a woman staying strong and taking back all the tears that she's cried. that doesn't necessarily have to mean in a relationship. beautiful lyrics and this artist has great music!

2023- My theme song this year is going to be britt nicole's, the sun is rising. this song played the other day and it just spoke to me. the lyrics are beautiful and meaningful. i can't describe the amount of calm this song gave me after listening to it. now that i know the lyrics, belting it in my car has done wonders to get me ready for the day : - )

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