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Want Free Books? How To Become A Book Reviewer.

People have reached out to me and asked how I got started writing book reviews. So, I thought I would share my experience, and websites where you can sign up! Because honestly, who doesn't want free books!

When I first started writing reviews, I did the "leg work". I reached out to other authors asking to read and review their stories. Most authors were willing to send me an ARC (advanced readers copy) in exchange for a review. I signed up for a few sites that needed book reviewers and jumped right in.

Years later, I have established myself as book reviewer. Authors now reach out to me to have their books reviewed, and I am reviewing for well-known publishers.

It took a few years to establish myself, and a lot of hard work. I posted on my blog daily, and sometimes read 4 books a week. That is a significant amount considering I was also writing my novella.

Regardless of how you get started, in the end, writing book reviews is exciting. I think it is, at least! You get to read all types of different genre’s and interact with talented authors. And of course, YOU GET FREE BOOKS!

Below are 10 websites that, in my opinion, offer the best book review program.

1. NetGalley (Anyone can sign up)

(you do have to apply and become accepted to review for them)

3. Fresh Fiction (have to fill out form to be considered for their book review team)

4. Readers Favorite (potential to earn money for reviews)

5. New Pages (you have to submit a flash review of a recently read story to be accepted)

(potential to earn money for reviews)

7. Any Subject Books (great website, but not accepting new reviewers at this times.)

(great website, but not accepting new reviewers at this time)

8. Library Thing (sign up during the giveaway, and winners are chosen to read/review stories requested.)

9. Baker Publishing Group (Reviewers must live in the United States)

10. Goodreads (authors post on the forums looking for book reviewers.)



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