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Unique & Powerful Chapbook

Egg Shaped Ball by Laura DiNovis Berry is a unique & powerful chapbook.

Confession time...this is my first time reading a chapbook of poems. I am happy to report, I am hooked! I love how small pieces of writing can have so much impact. All readers can relate to at least one poem in this chapbook, even if you have no idea what rugby is :-)

My favorite poem was, "Snowglobe". I do not play rugby, nor know much about the sport. Although the poem focuses on a woman rugby player, any reader can takeaway something from this poem. The descriptions are beautiful and you feel you are standing on the field, right next to this player.

"She's emboldened, launching herself forward with youthful fury."- Egg Shaped Ball: Snowglobe

That is a powerful line from the poem and spoke to me. For me, the word emboldened is intense. I appreciated the author's use of powerful words throughout the chapbook. Her love for the sport shined off the pages and that made each poem a delightful read.

I would give this chapbook 5 out of 5 stars. It is a short, but enjoyable read. I guarantee it will be worth your time to pick this one up!

Check out the author's website & link to purchase below.

*I received a complementary copy of this book, in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are mine*

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