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Spring Author Feature: Luisa H.

Happy Spring everyone! Today I would like to welcome to my blog, featured author, Luisa H. Check out her info & our fun Q & A below!


Luisa H has been writing since middle school. She was 14 when she decided to start writing a project that combines her favorite elements, scenes found in her favorite movies and music. At the age of 23 she decided to write her first book and publish it online.

Get To Know The Author: Q & A

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a author?

A:The fact that people like to check out on my ideas, the worlds I build in my stories, the way I think - all these and more are my rewards for hours of research and writing.

Q: What age were you when you first started writing?

A: I started writing in middle school, but those were just school projects that I never published - unfortunately. At the age of 14 I had the idea to write my own story that combines scenes, characters, elements from all my favorite music videos and movies. It's a big project and I'm still learning how to write such a massive book. I was 23 when I seriously started to think about writing and publishing my first book.

Q: As an author, what would you choose as your mascot?

A: I think I will always be a panda or a brown bear as clumsy as a panda. A bear - real or animated would make my perfect mascot .

Q: Do you karaoke? If so, What is your go to karaoke song?

A: Unfortunately I don't do karaoke. I have a heart condition that doesn't let me breathe enough to sing a song. Of course I sing to my friends or family when we talk about music, but it's more about the meaning of that song rather than how I sing or how the song should sound like.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to a aspiring author?

A: Don't write for fame or money, just write because you have an idea. When I first started to write "Two Brown Bears" and "Multiverse" I never thought I'd write a trilogy or that I could write poems too. And don't give up, of course. J. K. Rowling was rejected by 12 Publishers before publishing Harry Potter.


"It was the first time he noticed her. A little sad bear, sitting on a bench watching how happy the two young bears were. The Pooh-Bear is looking at her cousin dancing with her Bear and kissing him a lot. She also has a Smart Phone that takes selfies just when you position the front cam in front of your face and sends the pictures directly online! After a moment she gets bored watching them and she turns back to her family.

Ah! That's not good. Must log in to delete the last photo.

Wait! I got 100 Likes in just few seconds. I'll keep it... but I must take a better shot. My lips are not well exposed. Dear, drive the car closer to me. Closer! No. Left. Right. Not right, right! Now turn the car a little bit on the right...

The music in the car was deafeningly loud. No, it's not heavy metal. It's more like African or Balkan... or maybe Turkish or Greek music. Except they have more style than those who copy the style. The two lovers didn't care how the music sounded, they just had noise for their private party... or public... who knows; important is: everyone in and outside the Village knows that two lovers have a party! Only a musician Brown Bear can take an interest of how a song should sound like.

He sees her leaving and decides he has time to make her a surprise. He sends her some berries collected from a nearby fern, packed in an old box also found in the near and writes down a message on the box: for the sweetest little pooh-bear. He then leaves the package on the bench just when no one was watching.

-Excerpt from "Two Brown Bears"

Want to read more?! Read "Two Brown Bears" on Smashwords!


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