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Spring Author Feature: A.E Faulkner

Happy Spring everyone! Today I would like to welcome to my blog, featured author, A.E Faulkner. Check out her info & our fun Q & A below!


A. E. Faulkner was born and raised in Pennsylvania. When she's not lost in a book, she loves spending time with her husband and two sons, especially while hiking, biking or exploring nature. She loves almost everything about nature—ticks excluded, and one of her biggest fears is the repercussions we will face when nature can no longer tolerate human destruction. As such, she never tires of reading dystopian-themed tales. Stories about the end of the world absolutely fascinate her.

Get To Know The Author: Q & A

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a author?

A: By far I would say the most rewarding part is hearing from readers who relate to and enjoy your story. It takes some bravery to put your work out there, knowing that you are subjecting yourself to criticism. And I know that not every reader will love every story – there are certainly books I’ve read but didn’t enjoy. But that just makes the positive feedback that much sweeter.

Q: What age were you when you first started writing?

A: When my kids were young and I was in my thirties, I toyed with writing. I started about five different projects, none of which amounted to more than a few pages. I have not returned to any of them, although I still have them saved somewhere.

It was only when I reached my forties, and my kids were more independent, that I gave writing a serious try. While sometimes I wish I had started writing my debut novel earlier, I have to believe that it was meant to happen when it did. The story would have been a lot different if I had written it ten years ago.

Q: As an author, what would you choose as your mascot?

I would have to choose a cat! I am completely cat obsessed. But besides that, it can be very scary putting your work, and yourself, out there for the world to see. Cats are so judgmental so they are the purrfect mascot to prepare authors for sharing a story they love when there will inevitably be readers that do not share your enamored feelings of the story.

Q: Do you karaoke? If so, What is your go to karaoke song?

A: Nope. I avoid singing in front of others at all costs. If I absolutely had to, I would choose Dancing Queen by ABBA.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to a aspiring author?

A: Don’t give up! There is a reader out there for EVERY story. Whether you can find the time to write 20 words a day, 200 or 2,000, any progress is progress! The only way to finish is to keep at it.


“Chris, come out now!” I huff through clenched teeth. Worry wraps its sharp claws around every last thought in my head. Slowly nodding in defeat, he concedes.

Shifting his weight to the edge of the trunk, he starts crawling out backwards. When one shaky foot reaches the ledge, he visibly relaxes. Pushing off of the car, he throws his other foot behind him, searching for a grip.

Just as he stands tall, leaning into the alcove of earth, a sharp cry cuts through the air, startling us both. “Chris!” Jasmine’s panicked voice rings in my ears as a scream escapes my own lips. “Noooooooo,” I shout as Chris loses his foothold. His little hands scramble over the bumper before he disappears into the plunging darkness below.

-Excerpt From "Darkness Falls"

Want to read more?! Read "Darkness Falls" on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!


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