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Sexy Football Players...Yes Please!!

Football season is winding down(Go Bengals) and with the super bowl this weekend, I thought now would be a good time to review some of the sexy football book boyfriends I've been reading about this season!

sexy football players and hot rock stars (stay tuned for that blog post) are two of my favorite romance tropes. maybe the football hotties get me because I married a former football player. anyways, they are hot on and off the field and...yes please! if you love this trope as much as me, I've compiled some short reviews below of my favs this season!

The Vegas Aces Series by Lisa Suzanne

holy smokes! These Vegas Aces football players are smoking hot!!! This is a series of books focusing on the football players for the Vegas aces. each story can be read alone, but stories are interconnected and some of your favorite hotties make cameos in each novel. What I loved most about each book is that they are a perfect balance of football, romance, sexy time, and some drama. I didn't find the novels to have a crazy amount of angst. sometimes the "will they, wont they" is overdone and is over half a book. that is not the case here. the steam level is pretty hot, but its tastefully done. you may need to fan yourself a few times. Lisa writes fun characters and they all have their own personalities.

the one note I will make is that there are multiple book is the series, and they do end of cliffhangers. but....don't crab about that and just read the books. you wont be disappointed! i loved the first series of books, but I think they just keep getting better with each football player we meet. OH and she has a new one that just released so you better get reading!!

The South Florida Riders Series by Breezie Bennett

Next we have the sexy men of the Florida riders football team. each book in this series focuses on one player from the team. this series differs from Vegas aces because each book does end with a HEA. these Florida riders are just as sexy as the Vegas ace's players. breezie knows how to write angst and steamy sex scenes. but the drama is low, which I liked. these books are shorter, but it doesn't take away from the fact that you feel like you know these players.

you definitely know this story is about football players, but the game isn't talked about much. i loved the characters so much, I didn't care one bit. I really enjoyed the women in this series. they were all a little feisty and I love reading about a strong lead character. also, this story is told in dual pov, which really helps the story flow. it's always nice to hear both sides of the story :-)

Dirty Games by Michelle Valentine

dirty games is a 3 book series following the same couple. this smoking hot football player gives me all the feels. he was kind of a jerk at the beginning but whoa did he make up for it as the series went on. their chemistry is off the charts and the sex scenes are hot! Michelle keeps each book short, and they are more the length of a novella. but.....there is a lot packed into these small stories.

I liked this one because the story line was a bit different. how the 2 main characters met was a interesting way for them to get together. it was the reason i picked up the book in the first place. the different plot helps keep the reader intrigued on the question, "how the hell are these two going to actually survive a relationship?" its amazing! there is angst and drama in this story, but it's not overdone. I enjoyed the dual pov and getting to see both sides of the story. book 1 and 2 do end on a CH. so again, don't crab and just buy the series. you wont be disappointed.

well, there you have it readers! my football season readings. If you have other recommendations, comment below. :-) stay tuned for reviews on some of the sexy rock star romances I've been reading!

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