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Not Your Typical Romance & I'm Here For It!

Fixation by Nicole Whitfield is definitely not your typical romance trope....and I'm here for it!

After Ivy's longtime relationship goes south, she needs a friend. Enter Cam. Their friendship quickly turns to romance.....and something a bit darker. That's all I'm saying without giving too much of the story away.

it was my first read from this author and it won't be my last. The suspense of the novel had me glued to the pages, and I read it in a few hours. I wasn't sure by the description or cover what I was going to be reading, so that left me wondering if I was going to like this novel. I'm glad I looked past that and decided to give it a shot!

besides a few editing errors, the words flowed flawlessly off the page. there were a few flashbacks, and the author did a great job with switching timelines. I loathe having to go back and try to remember who is talking or if I'm reading current or past events.

This story had it all for me. Romance, Suspense, mystery, spice, and even a sexy rich guy! I enjoyed how the author wrote in dual pov and readers aren't sure who the other pov is until near the end. honestly, there were parts I thought the "unknown" pov was someone completely different. I was surprised that kept my interest. but it proves to me that the story was so intriguing, that i held on to this unknown persons words and had to find out who it was.

I thought the main character was a little naïve for, but somehow I kept rooting for her to get her happy ending. I wanted to smack her friend Sam and ex James in the face more than once. hell, I wanted to smack ivy a few times. And Cam. Let's just say there were parts of the book I wanted to smack all of the characters. but to be fair, that proves the author wrote a story you are invested in.

the characters and story could have been slightly more developed, and maybe I would have liked ivy more. some of her actions were just off to me. still, I kept hoping she would find love. I liked cam, and I didn't think I would. what surprised me the most was the ending. I won't go into too many details, but I can't believe the twists and I was still rooting for this couple!

I would give this story 4 out of 5 stars. The novel was a good read, I just think there could have been more to it. I feel like some of the random parts of ivy's day to day life could have been substituted to learn more about her and cam as people. Regardless, it's still a must read. it says a lot about the novel and the talents of the author when you actually want to learn more about the characters they develop.


Check out the link below to purchase "fixation" today!



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