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Hey Everyone and thanks for your interest in being a guest columnist. See submission guidelines, and additional information below. Talk soon xo.

Writers Guidelines

* Articles must be a minimum of 500 words. There is no max word count, but not many people want to read a 4k word blog post. :-)

*the tone of my blog is fun, friendly, and informative. all articles should mimic that.

*by sending me your article, you agree that the content is original, and i'm given one time non-inclusive rights to publish the article and related content.

*i ask for one day (1 day) exclusive, starting on the day your article was posted on my blog. after that, re- post your work as you'd like.

*I welcome articles from all writing creatives. That includes, songwriters, script writers, poets, non-fiction authors, fiction writers, agents, publishers, and editors.

*Guest Columnists will start jan 2023. i will be choosing 10 columnists and posting 2-3 times a week. Columnists will be chosen 12/30/2022.

*it's possible guest columnists will continue throughout 2023. if that is the case, and you would like to continue to be a monthly columnist, please let me know.

* if you are chosen to be a guest columnist, i will send you a email with your blog posting date. the final aritcle will be due a week before that posting date. a email reminder for articles due will be sent a few days prior.


I am looking for articles on writing.

* informative tips you have learned/experienced along your writing journey.

*writers life. what has your writing journey looked like?

*writing crafts and styles

*author interviews: q & a style

*helpful websites and books about writing

not sure if a topic fits what i'm looking for? email me and i'm sure we can find a way to make it work for my blog!


1. Send me the topic you are interested in featuring and a few words about it. My email is

2. Send a short bio, and feel free to include links to your website or where we can purchase/pre-order your books. These will be featured at the end of your posts.

Let’s keep posts fun and helpful. :-)

Disclaimer: By sending me your articles I have a one-time non- exclusive right to publish your article. You agree that the articles sent is of original content and you hold the rights to the material.


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