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Get Back Your Creative Inspiration by A.D.H Thomas

Today I would like to welcome back guest writer, A.D.H Thomas. Enjoy!


Inspiration, it’s sometimes that elusive spark that no matter what we do, we just can’t ignite it. We can try to stare at the blank page so long that our eyes hurt, our brain turns to mush, and we forget why we even try to write.

We’ve all been there, and more often than we like to admit. So, what I would like to discuss in this short piece are some methods I use when I’m having one of ‘those days’.

Step one:


Yeah, you heard me correctly. Stop it, just close the laptop, put down the pen, pencil or crayon, and take come time to clear your mind. This is most important when you get to the stage that writing is like trying to walk through molasses. It gets so hard trying to push those words out onto the page that five words will take half an hour.

Now, once you have finally convinced yourself that stopping won’t collapse your entire world, it’s time to look at some things that will help.

Below are some suggestions that help me.


Pack your things and get out of your writing nest. Go to the park, go for a drive, even go to a cafe WITHOUT YOUR LAPTOP! Don’t even take a notebook. The whole purpose is to distance yourself, let your brain reset and calm down. Re-enter life and what happens outside of your creative space. Remember, writing can be a hugely rewarding, yet lonely profession. You spend so much time introverted with your stories and ideas that it gets a little clogged up and you forget there is a world outside of your head. So, experience it.


This one only applies to those who drink alcohol. Sometimes a sip of my favourite whisky can get the creative juices flowing. It’s no secret it relaxes you, and sometimes that’s all you need is a little creative lubricant. Please note: there have been occasions this method has resulted in some amazing writing, and also some very confusing ramblings.


That’s right, find a terrible movie to watch. I can almost guarantee that watching a horribly written movie will reignite your passion to write something better. There have been many times I have watched something that has made me think, ‘if this got made into a movie… there’s a chance even my writing could be a movie’.

This also works with books, but usually, it only takes a few chapters to realise it’s horrible and you can do much better.


If you are still finding it hard to get those creative juices flowing, try music. Not just any music, movie soundtracks. (yes I use a lot of movies/films/tv/music to inspire me)

This differs from listening to your favourite band, or favourite song. Why? Because movie soundtracks are designed to help tell stories. They are the backbone of emotion and excitement during a movie. I have written 75,000 words of a new manuscript while only listening to one particular movie soundtrack. Every time I start playing it, more ideas pop into my head and I write. I can honestly say that this is one of the most powerful inspirational tools I have in my arsenal.

Once you have spent a little time wandering around, sipping your favourite hot beverage, listening to music, or just people watching. You may see something or hear something that will trigger an idea. Now, don’t rush straight back home to write it all down, let it manifest, marinate, and emerge when you are relaxed and ready to go back to work.

Don’t worry, if it’s a good idea, you won’t forget it. You will nurture it, evolve it, and then write it into that masterpiece you have been wanting to create.

Hopefully, these help you, or maybe you will make your own. The important thing is that once you find what works for you, remember it, and use it.

Happy writing!



A.D.H Thomas is a designer and illustrator by trade who loves telling stories. He has written within several genres over the past 8 years. He resides in Melbourne with his wife and Golden Retriever. He loves dark, psychological thrillers, sci-fi, and fantasy.

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