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Exciting Paranormal Read

This Time, by Azaaa Davis, is a fast-paced and exciting paranormal read!

The novel follows demon hunter, Nadira, who wakes up buried alive. Fighting her way out of the grave and not remembering what happened, she embarrassingly thinks demons kidnapped her. When she travels home and realizes she has been “dead” for 20 years, things have changed. The world is a different place than when she left and her father is missing. Trying to adjust to her new world, she sets out to find her father and take down anything that stands in her way.

This is a debut novel by the author and I was hooked just reading the blurb. I couldn’t wait to read, and the story did not disappoint. The novel starts off with gripping details of how Nadira escapes from her grave and it was a perfect way to start and hook readers (if they weren’t already from the blurb) I must comment on the cover. It is simple but says so much. It alone would have had me wanting to read the story.

The main character, Nadira, is fierce and I love a good story about bada** women. The story is short, but there is enough information for the reader to connect with the characters and root for them.

The plot was nicely thought out and had everything I need for a well-rounded story. Perfect read for anyone who enjoys paranormal, family dynamics and romance. There are some slower paced pages in the story, but not enough to stop reading. Trust me when I say get through them because the action picks back up quick.

I would give this novel 5 out of 5 stars. If you enjoy Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer type stories, this one is for you!

Check out the link below to purchase.

*I received a complementary copy of this book, in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are mine*

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