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Enticing & Sexy Sequel in the Love & Betrayals Romance Series.

Betrayed by Nora Edington is the sweet & sexy book 2 in the Love and Betrayals Romance Series. I wouldn't suggest reading this book without reading book 1 in the series. The thing is though, the first book, Beginnings, was also a great read. So, just read the series from the "beginning" and you can thank me later! I will do my best to not give any spoilers.

Betrayed thrusts readers back into the beautiful love story of Ray and Jenny. The first chapter immediately starts pulling at the heartstrings. The author does a lovely job at making you "feel" right along with the characters. There was more heartbreak in this book versus the first one, but it's real. The author does a wonderful job of showing (and not just telling) readers the highs and lows of epic love. And this, my friends, is an epic love story. I was delighted to see the character growth in this book, especially with the main character, Jenny. The dialogue between characters is well written, which is important since this is a shorter book.

The only negative I have is that I STILL can't stand Jenny's friend, Leah. Actually I think I dislike her more now that I've read book 2. It's not a negative to the story, I just don't think I have had this much dislike for a supporting character in a long time. Kudos to the author for writing a character so complex like Leah. I found that by the end of the book, I wanted to skip the chapters with Leah's POV. She just irritates me! I didn't, because it was essential to the story, but I was tempted!

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars! Ms. Edington succeeds yet again in bringing readers a beautifully written love story. I am eager to see what book 3 offers!

Check out the link below to purchase book 1 and 2 of the Love and Betrayal Romance Series!



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