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Charming Christmas Novel To Get You In The Holiday Spirit!

Christmas Charms by Teri Wilson is a beautifully written story that will get you ready for the holiday season!

The novel follows Ashley, who heads home to Owl Creek for Christmas. While on the train ride home, she falls asleep and awakens with a beautiful antique charm bracelet around her wrist. She knows the bracelet isn't hers and is determined to find the owner. She soon realizes in her search that each charm is predicting a moment in her life. According to the charms, maybe she will have the Christmas she always wished for!

This story is a wonderfully written second chance romance that will put anyone in the Christmas spirit! If you read my blog, you know I am a hallmarkie, and my favorite time of year is Christmas. This novel offers so much more than the typical second chance romance story. The way the author wrote in the charm bracelet, and how they were predicting Ashley's life, made this story a one night read for me. I couldn't put it down! It is intriguing &charming (see what I did there) until the last page.

I would give this novel 5 out of 5 stars. Teri Wilson and Hallmark Publishing have done it again! They are bringing readers a well written and delightful Christmas story, just in time for the holidays!

Check out the link below to purchase this novel today!

*I received a complementary copy of this book, in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are mine*

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