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Beautiful Story For Anyone Seeking Self-Transformation

Messages From Metatron: A Course In Self-Transformation by Devi Nina Bingham, is a beautiful read for anyone searching for their "purpose" in this world.

This story is the first I have read from Ms. Bingham, and it will not be my last. It will captivate you and get your mind working. Throughout reading, I highlighted some of my favorite quotes, because they were so inspirational. I put a few of them below.

The author does a wonderful job at writing each story. Each of them gives you a sense of peace that there is a "being" watching and guiding us through our lives. My favorite story was titled, Spirit Gods and Angels. I enjoyed the way the author breaks down each story, so that anyone can understand the writing and follow the words.

I encourage everyone to try some of the lessons towards the end of the book. I did not do all the exercises, but plan on continuing them throughout the month. Most exercises have a study question, and it allows you to dig deeper into your thoughts, and see on paper how you handle life.

The answer I wrote that surprised me the most was the study question from exercise 4. It talks about handling rejection, and for a writer it enlightened me on how I can better handle that situation. As writers we see rejection, and even if you do not read the entire novel this study question is recommended for any writer.

Dreams are the embers of the Soul. Before they grow dark, push them around to see if you can find some sort of heart-glow.- Letter From Mother God: Messages From Metatron

This is the greatest lesson: that you are the creator of your world.-Letter To The Miracle Worker: Messages From Metatron

Fully living requires a willingness to fail.-Love & Forgiveness: Messages From Metatron

To deny yourself fulfillment because someone else is uncomfortable with the real you is to squander your precious individuality.-Original Souls: Messages From Metatron

Overall, I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. This is an excellent story. If you have ever wondered about your life's purpose and how to be the best you, this is a must read for inspiration and guidance!

Check out the link to purchase & author website below!

*I received a complementary copy of this book, in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are mine*


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