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Adorable Story To Read To Your Children

Fairy-Tailed Wish, written by Megan Pighetti and illustrated by Tamara Piper, does indeed live up to its tag line. The story is more than just a is an experience that your children are sure to love.

Realistically, my niece was the reviewer of this book. I read it once and thought it was adorable. The book is for children so it made sense for me to see if my 1 year old niece enjoyed it. She kept pointing to the bright illustrations and smiling. She even made a few cueing sounds (she can only say da da and ma ma right now, but cueing is a good sign for her :-))

The plot of the story is well thought and original. I loved how the author included photos at the end of children getting their fairy- tailed wish! The illustrations are vivid and beautiful. Kudos to both ladies on this lovely story.

Check out the website to get more information and to purchase this charming story before your child's next birthday!



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