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10 Jokes Only Writers Can Appreciate


Confession time! I had a hectic day. To relax and cheer myself up, I started googling jokes. Seems goofy, I KNOW! But to be fair, I am the wacky writer. There were quite a few jokes about writer/authors, and I had to share. They aren't the best, but I hope a few make you chuckle. And worst-case scenario, this post brightens your day! Feel free to share your favorite writer jokes in the comments.

1. What do you call a stretch of land surrounded by water on three sides and inhabited by authors? Pen-insula.

2. What kind of lotion do authors apply at the beach? Writers Block.

3. Did you hear about the authors in prison? They completed all their sentences

4. A 300-page novel with a 50 page introductory essay written by the author walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Why the long preface?"

5. What does an author have after they get abdominal surgery? A semi-colon

6. What do writers have for breakfast? A Synonym Bun

7. What's it like to be an aspiring writer? It's difficult to put into words.

8. What is a good pen name for a writer? BIC

9. What do a bad author and grave robber have in common? They both create a lot of plot holes.

10. What do you get when you cross an author with a deadline? A clean house.


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